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100pcs red Rose bonsai Professional bonsailing floer Plant/ Vary Colors Selection garden flowers bonsais Pot Bonsai

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Product description


Methods / procedures
    Rose is drought tolerant plants fear of floods, drought plants are almost afraid of waterlogged plants, potted if it is necessary to use unglazed pots of soil cultivation, strict grasp the "do not quit pouring, pouring drenched" principle;
    If you frequently give roses watering (especially taboo days excessive humidity evaporation less watering in the rain), root roses would like to make "kimchi" as is rotten bubble (and hydroponic principles essential difference) and death
    Any plant only like a light fertilization, administration concentrated fertilizer (especially fertilizers) will result in the death of local rot.
According to the size of the plant and pot, every 1-1.5 months with 20-40 grain fertilizer (or nitrogen fertilizer) is uniformly applied to a patch of land at the basin edge or twice a month by pouring a fully fermented rice water, etc. light, water and fertilizer. As long green flowers and leaves grew well need no fertilization
    In the indoor cultivation of plants, not long into poorly lit hall room, often carried to occasional sunny places to add light









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